To fully understand our commitment to brewing quality crafts, you’ve got to meet our craftsman, Larry Horwitz. Larry has worked in the brewing industry since 1992. He has worked in large breweries and engineered, built, and operated brewpubs and microbreweries throughout the United States. After attending The Ohio State University and graduating from the American Brewers Guild Brewing Science and Engineering Course and the MBAA Malting and Brewing Science Course, he served on numerous boards and task forces designed to foster the commitment to quality in every aspect of craft brewing. To say he takes the craft of brewing great beers seriously is an understatement, that’s for sure.

“I love Louisville, and I can’t wait to meet new friends who love great craft beers and social experiences as much as I do. Make sure you stop in and ask for me – if you’re a friend of beer, you’re a friend of mine!” — Larry Horwitz

Beer List

Creating craft beers is a mixture of art and science, and we’ll be crafting beers that use a variety of ingredients to achieve various aromas, flavors and finish. Plus, while we’ll have a selection of “must-have’s” that we’ll always offer, we will also make sure to introduce new beers to try on a regular basis. That way, you’ll always have something new to look forward to and we’ll make sure we keep you and your friends coming back for more!

Check out our first few beers below!